How to make a trending TikTok

Learning how to make a trending TikTok video isn’t an exact science. The massive platform has over 800 million users—with almost 70% under the age of 30. That makes TikTok a Gen Z platform, and major brands throw millions of dollars down trying to figure out what Gen Z wants. What we do know is that there are 3 key steps that are totally within your control, when it comes to creating quality content that hits the spot with TikTok users.
If you’ve been looking for ways to gain more followers, create engagement with your fans, or get some attention on this massive platform, here are 2 quick tips to creating a trending TikTok video.

Take advantage of the hashtag

Hashtags are hugely useful traffic tools on TikTok. They push challenges forward—more on that in the next section—and help people track trends. To get noticed on TikTok, you’ve got a couple of options:
Create your own hashtag
Piggyback on a trending hashtag
If you’re a new user, stick with the trending hashtags. Do a little research into what’s trending on TikTok, and create content around the hashtags you want to use. Keep it relevant—you won’t create quality engagement with real users by spamming a bunch of hashtags that don’t connect with your video.
If you’ve got a little more experience and creativity, think about creating your own hashtag. Aim for something simple, that has the potential to go viral and is easy to understand. Your goal should be to come up with something that other users can participate in. Make sure you do your research, too. What were some hashtags that trended recently? Why do you think they did so well?

Rise to a challenge.

Challenges have got to be one of the major drivers in TikTok’s activity. There are challenges for everything: dance-offs, lip-syncing, sharing video of your favorite places…even stand-up comedy. The more interactive and fun a challenge is, the more it’s likely to trend.
Challenges have the added bonus of being marketable across platforms. You can share your challenge on your other social media accounts, to draw more people in and create more engagement.
Again, you can get involved in challenges that are already trending. By finding a way to stand out from the crowd in these challenges, you’ll appear as a part of the challenge whilst still being able to leverage your own unique personality.
Ready to go out on your own? Coming up with a successful TikTok challenge is more difficult than creating a hashtag. The flipside of that is that it can be infinitely more rewarding. By coming up with a cool challenge idea, following it up, and executing it perfectly, you’ve got a solid chance of creating trending content.


Sometimes, it seems as if trending content just comes out of nowhere. Other times, it’s a carefully controlled mix of quality content, good use of hashtags, and some strong challenge activity that sees one video go through the roof. If you want to give yourself the best chance, these two quick and easy tips will put you on the insider track to make a trending TikTok video. With Tiktop you get a higher chance of getting featured with our Tiktok likes and Tiktok Fans

When to Post to get the most Engagement

Everyone knows TikTok is huge right now. When videos go viral on this new social media platform, we’re talking millions of views around the world.
Want to get in on that action? We’ve got to move quick. TikTok is gaining popularity every day, but you want to be on the upswing—and you definitely don’t want to be jumping on board when the boomers get here. Now is our time.
There are several things that can help you find fame on TikTok—and one of those is posting at the right time. If you’ve been asking yourself ‘when is the best time to post on TikTok?’ you’re asking the right question. Capturing all the likes—and the eyeballs of your audience—can really come down to delivering fresh content when your audience is online.
So when is the best time to post on TikTok?
We’ve got all the answers you need right here.

Global influencers know there are 3 parts to figuring out the right time to post on any social media platform.

How serious do you want to be?

Unless you’ve already got a pretty solid following, you’re probably going to want to keep it casual—and free—at this point.
However, TikTok pros can upgrade to a paid account, which allows you to use their in-app analytics. This will tell you when people are watching your videos, where your views are coming from, and how you’re videos perform.

Where is your audience?

TikTok—like every social media platform—has its core base of global users. It’s massive: 150 million users in China, 25 million in India, and 800 million users worldwide. And it’s only been around for 3 years. Instagram took twice as long to gain this kind of fame.
So how do these numbers affect you?
First of all, if you’re wanting to go viral—which might be the goal, right?—you want to get your content seen by the largest audience. That means posting when the largest number of users are online. In that respect, targeting a Chinese time zone could be a great choice.
If you’re planning on growing your TikTok following more authentically—and audiences are all about authenticity—then using your home time zone is a better choice.

When is your audience online?

Now that you know where your audience is located, the next logical step is to find out when they’re using TikTok.
This step is simple…kind of.
Most TikTok users are between the ages of 14 and 30. That age is starting to creep up, but it tells us one clear thing: the people using TikTok are busy during the day. They’re at school, or college, or work during the day. Posting after 9 am in your audience’s time zone might be a waste of time. The same goes with early afternoon.
Try and target your posts to coincide with people’s lunch breaks, and in the evenings and weekends.
Unlike some other social media platforms, TikTok doesn’t let you schedule posts—yet. So for now, you’ll have to create content schedules to remind you when to post your content.


Now that you know the best time to post on TikTok, you’re one step closer to cracking the platform and being the next TikTok sensation. Want to learn more TikTok secrets to success? Click here to learn how you can boost your chances of going viral.