How to make a trending TikTok

Learning how to make a trending TikTok video isn’t an exact science. The massive platform has over 800 million users—with almost 70% under the age of 30. That makes TikTok a Gen Z platform, and major brands throw millions of dollars down trying to figure out what Gen Z wants. What we do know is that there are 3 key steps that are totally within your control, when it comes to creating quality content that hits the spot with TikTok users.
If you’ve been looking for ways to gain more followers, create engagement with your fans, or get some attention on this massive platform, here are 2 quick tips to creating a trending TikTok video.

Take advantage of the hashtag

Hashtags are hugely useful traffic tools on TikTok. They push challenges forward—more on that in the next section—and help people track trends. To get noticed on TikTok, you’ve got a couple of options:
Create your own hashtag
Piggyback on a trending hashtag
If you’re a new user, stick with the trending hashtags. Do a little research into what’s trending on TikTok, and create content around the hashtags you want to use. Keep it relevant—you won’t create quality engagement with real users by spamming a bunch of hashtags that don’t connect with your video.
If you’ve got a little more experience and creativity, think about creating your own hashtag. Aim for something simple, that has the potential to go viral and is easy to understand. Your goal should be to come up with something that other users can participate in. Make sure you do your research, too. What were some hashtags that trended recently? Why do you think they did so well?

Rise to a challenge.

Challenges have got to be one of the major drivers in TikTok’s activity. There are challenges for everything: dance-offs, lip-syncing, sharing video of your favorite places…even stand-up comedy. The more interactive and fun a challenge is, the more it’s likely to trend.
Challenges have the added bonus of being marketable across platforms. You can share your challenge on your other social media accounts, to draw more people in and create more engagement.
Again, you can get involved in challenges that are already trending. By finding a way to stand out from the crowd in these challenges, you’ll appear as a part of the challenge whilst still being able to leverage your own unique personality.
Ready to go out on your own? Coming up with a successful TikTok challenge is more difficult than creating a hashtag. The flipside of that is that it can be infinitely more rewarding. By coming up with a cool challenge idea, following it up, and executing it perfectly, you’ve got a solid chance of creating trending content.


Sometimes, it seems as if trending content just comes out of nowhere. Other times, it’s a carefully controlled mix of quality content, good use of hashtags, and some strong challenge activity that sees one video go through the roof. If you want to give yourself the best chance, these two quick and easy tips will put you on the insider track to make a trending TikTok video. With Tiktop you get a higher chance of getting featured with our Tiktok likes and Tiktok Fans

How to get featured on Tiktok

Tiktok has millions of users all around the world and, since it combined with in 2018, it has only gained in popularity. This makes it hard to follow in the footsteps of the famous Tiktok creators who now have a huge following across Instagram and other social media platforms too. Plus, before you get anywhere close to the success these guys have had from utilising Tiktok, you have to become featured on the app.
So, how do you get featured on Tiktok? Well, thankfully there are some guidelines you can work from to use the app's algorithm to your advantage and build up your fanbase.
To save you going through the hassle of analysing Tiktok's biggest star's videos, we have done it for you!

Use Special Effects and Props

Special effects and props play a huge role in most of the featured content on Tiktok. Why? It comes down to the fact that all humans like to watch unique videos with creative touches.
There is a big demand for these videos and if you can utilise these aspects in just the right way, you have a much higher chance of becoming featured.

Participate in Trending Challenges

Ensure you stay up to date with all the trending challenges that Tiktok has since most of the app users will take part as soon as they hear about them. There is usually some element of humour in trending challenges that allows it to take off in pop culture very quickly.
The more creative you are in your video efforts of these challenges, the greater chance you have of getting featured. Some Tiktok users who have participated in these have become famous pretty much overnight.

Utilize Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are important for this app too.
Perform base-level research on the trending hashtags as these will change periodically (some more often than others). This way you can add these under your posts to promote them — when someone searches for a hashtag, you will pop in the results.

Post Once a Day

You may already be doing this and if so, keep going! It is part of the process to eventually getting featured on Tiktok.
Think of it this way: there are over 12 million people who use the app every single day so, if you make sure you are regularly out there in the mix, you will be doing the best you can to get featured on Tiktok.

It's All About the Quality

Even though you should post once a day, you don't need to do more than that since the videos should be of a high-quality standard. Take your time and put as much effort as possible into your posts so they attract the biggest possible audience.
At the end of the day, if you like what you are putting out on Tiktok, the chances are that other people will like it too. However, if you are set on getting featured, these little tips and tricks will help you on your journey.

How to go viral on TikTok

Starting out on a new social media platform can be frustrating. You’ve got no followers and the only people watching your videos are the same four friends. What you need is a crazy amount of attention from across the platform, right? You need to go viral.
If you’re ready to learn how to get a higher chance of going viral on TikTok, we’ve got your back. We can’t guarantee your handcuffs rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean will break the internet—but we know these tips give you a pretty strong advantage over the competition.

Post a lot.

TikTok users like volume. In the era of binge watching, we don’t want to wait a week between posts. Show off the creative, unfiltered, authentic you—and do it a lot. It can be difficult to predict which videos will take off, and which will forever remain underhyped, but posting a lot definitely boosts your chances of going viral on TikTok.

Follow trends.

From the splash page, you can discover what is trending on TikTok: the sounds, the dances, memes, and formats. Take them and make them your own. TikTok users love a familiar format that’s been done in a way that’s new and exciting. Be authentic, have fun, and interact—that’s the easiest way to connect with other users on the platform. Ok, we know this might sound boring. But some of the most popular viral videos are about relevance. Be relevant: absorb trends and current affairs. Know what people are talking about online. Listen to new music. All of these things can give you inspiration for your content, and help you find a new and fun way to engage with your audience.

Here is a short video of Tiktok star Logan Paul talking about how go viral on Tiktok

Don’t be afraid to be inspired.

The beauty of TikTok is that we never really know what’s going to be trending yet. Look at the discovery page on the app, and you can see the diverse range of popular topics, songs, and dances. If you have a niche, you may want to try appealing to that specific corner of the TikTok audience, but TikTok doesn’t do interest feeds.
Your best bet is to cater to a wide range of tastes, but to do it in a way that’s uniquely you. Watch other users’ videos, and see how what they are doing appeals to you. Do you like a certain filter or backdrop. Do you like a specific way things are done. Come up with your own signature TikTok style, but allow yourself to be influenced by what other people are doing.

Know your limits.

TikTok appeals to our attention-deficit society. When users watch videos on TikTok, the average view time is 3 seconds before they move to the next. Learn how to draw your audience in straight away, and hold their attention.


Don’t let a lame TikTok account crush your dreams. If you’ve got the dedication—and a little creative flair—you can grow your follower base. Follow the 5 tips we’ve just given you, and you may even go viral and achieve TikTok fame! But if not then Tiktop is always here to help you out

Why You Should Buy Tiktok Followers and Likes

If you have just started posting on Tiktok, you are probably wondering about how you can get noticed quickly — we don't blame you, it can be frustrating when you're posting videos that you love but not many people are finding them!
This is down to the fact that it takes a lot of energy, time and effort to get your content out there and viewed by the masses. Why? It is simply because Tiktok promotes videos that have a solid fan base and a good amount of likes. Unfortunately for newcomers, this is their algorithm and so you could be waiting around for months or even years to make a solid splash in the popularity aspect of the app. Who has the patience for that, right?
Luckily, you can fast track your promotion by purchasing Tiktok followers and likes from providers. No, it isn't illegal, nor shall your account be banned, these are just myths that some people have claimed to be true!
However, the likes will indeed be of different qualities depending on where you purchase them — do your research and make sure you trust the seller.

Quicker Results

As you buy likes for your Tiktok videos, your fanbase will increase dramatically over a short period. It is a fantastic way for those of you who have just started to post and don't want to sit around and wait for recognition (let's face it, who would?).
Thanks to Tiktok's algorithm, the more likes your content has, the higher the chance of you gaining followers. Think about it: people are innately sheep. So, they will follow and engage with content that they have seen or heard other people talk about and love.

Boost Your Ranking

We have previously mentioned that the more likes you have, the quicker you will be seen by other people. This is due to Tiktok boosting the rankings of those with a greater number of likes. Popularity breeds more popularity on this app (hence the sheep theory).

Be Seen By a Wider Audience

Once you have bought your Tiktok likes, the app then allows more people to view your video (as you already know now). The snowball effect from this is that you are likely to gain true, loyal followers from this wider set of people who will allow you to gain more traction for free.

Increase Your Videos' Potential

Your video harbouring the bought likes will bring in a steady amount of views over a certain time slot. Because of this, Tiktok then puts your video in their discover section or home page since it is regarded as popular. Thus, your content stands a better chance of going viral.
Of course, you need to have humorous, engaging and great quality content for your videos to be organically engaged with after the likes and followers have been bought. However, purchasing them will give you a great kickstart on the path to Tiktok success.