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What can you see on the dashboard?

The reason for you to make a account is that you can get a faster checkout. Not just that but you can watch you current order that is processing, and when it is essentially done.

How Does the Order Process Work?

When you make a order on Alessin, the order will start Instant. but delivery of the order can take from 6-12 hours. Remember to always place the right link to your Tiktok account when you order (Tiktok.com/@username)

How long does it take before I get my Fans/Likes

Orders depends on how fast are system works. We always try to send fans and likes Instant, but that is not always the case. When you make a order on Alessin we start working with it instant. But it can take all from 6-24 hours depends on how many orders we are processing at the same time.

Can I get Featured?

YES you can. By increasing your engagement with our packages the chance og being featured is high.

What We Offer

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