How to get featured on Tiktok

by | November 20, 2021

Tiktok has millions of users all around the world and, since it combined with in 2018, it has only gained in popularity. This makes it hard to follow in the footsteps of the famous Tiktok creators who now have a huge following across Instagram and other social media platforms too. Plus, before you get anywhere close to the success these guys have had from utilising Tiktok, you have to become featured on the app.
So, how do you get featured on Tiktok? Well, thankfully there are some guidelines you can work from to use the app’s algorithm to your advantage and build up your fanbase.
To save you going through the hassle of analysing Tiktok’s biggest star’s videos, we have done it for you!

Use Special Effects and Props

Special effects and props play a huge role in most of the featured content on Tiktok. Why? It comes down to the fact that all humans like to watch unique videos with creative touches.
There is a big demand for these videos and if you can utilise these aspects in just the right way, you have a much higher chance of becoming featured.

Participate in Trending Challenges

Ensure you stay up to date with all the trending challenges that Tiktok has since most of the app users will take part as soon as they hear about them. There is usually some element of humour in trending challenges that allows it to take off in pop culture very quickly.
The more creative you are in your video efforts of these challenges, the greater chance you have of getting featured. Some Tiktok users who have participated in these have become famous pretty much overnight.

Utilize Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are important for this app too.
Perform base-level research on the trending hashtags as these will change periodically (some more often than others). This way you can add these under your posts to promote them — when someone searches for a hashtag, you will pop in the results.

Post Once a Day

You may already be doing this and if so, keep going! It is part of the process to eventually getting featured on Tiktok.
Think of it this way: there are over 12 million people who use the app every single day so, if you make sure you are regularly out there in the mix, you will be doing the best you can to get featured on Tiktok.

It’s All About the Quality

Even though you should post once a day, you don’t need to do more than that since the videos should be of a high-quality standard. Take your time and put as much effort as possible into your posts so they attract the biggest possible audience.
At the end of the day, if you like what you are putting out on Tiktok, the chances are that other people will like it too. However, if you are set on getting featured, these little tips and tricks will help you on your journey.